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Thread: Welcome to COBRA S85 M5

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    Welcome to COBRA S85 M5

    Please welcome our newest member from Pretoria, SA Here is what he sent me;

    Good day Jim

    I am starting to do my research on the Cobras as I want start building it in the near future. Have always been a dream to do it one day. But want to start from scratch and build my one chassis aswell. I live in South Africa . it will be a long road to do but don?t want go the full kit car road.
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    Welcome to the site. We have several members from South Africa and they may be able to give you some good ideas or help if you want. Dubbs builds great cars and both Gian and "Q" do a lot of work on Cobras. Post some pictures when you get started and make your own build thread.


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    Welcome aboard and good luck on your dream. It will be worth it in the end.

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    Welcome! Looking forward to hearing how your search progresses and watching your progress as your build commences.

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