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Thread: Weber 48IDA System w/ Fuel setup

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    Weber 48IDA System w/ Fuel setup

    Weber system from Big Block will also fit small block - both types of fuel inlets provided.

    Webers were used on an FE and removed to change to an EightStack system. Sale doesn't
    include manifold. Manifold and linkages for either big block or small block readily available from Pierce Manifolds.
    Idle issues were sorted out and the system ran well. No idle or starting issues.

    Weber carburetors (four) with Weber interlink levers and linkage arms
    Weber fuel fittings, w/gauge Fittings are 6AN, small block fittings and banjo bolts/gaskets
    Weber tuning kit. Over 130 pieces of main jets, air bleeds, two rebuild kits, emulsion tubes, jet holders,
    every thing used to tune the system in. over $1200 in jets, bleeds and fittings. Float level tools and adjusters.
    Aeromotive return type fuel regulator with adapter fittings and special low pressure spring for 3-4 psi operation.

    Will provide manuals, documents and PDF's that I accumulated during the project.

    Complete system, with Tuning kit and regulator, over $3,750 in pieces. Will let go for $2,850

    Shipping is additional. PayPal works fine for me. This ad is running on "other" sites, also.
    PM or post time stamp will be used to determine winning purchaser.
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    Thanks ... could I also post this on my local forum (the Capital Area Cobra Club).

    From the Olde Goat Garage

    Building an FFR Mk 4 Roadster
    347 Stroker with EFI, SA T5, IRS
    Kit Arrived: 10/25/2012
    Build Started: 4/8/2013
    Rolling Chassis and Engine/Transmission Installation: 8/23/2015
    Go Kart: 3/26/2016

    Another deadline not met ... so it will just get done sometime soon

    Click this link to see my albums (

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    The more exposure the better. Go for it



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    this reminds me of my P 928 adventure.... which i soon must take from under the dust... to try again

    GLWS !


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    That looks really incredible. You do have courage.
    The one line never heard in Heaven "Gee! I wish I had spent a little more time in the office."

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    my problem was/is that nobody here has all those jets.... to try. And one needs 8 of each...
    With the 45 DCOE's , as my BMW has triples, it's easyer... my race shop has them all so i can try and only need to buy the final set.
    48IDA's are here very rare.... except on some VW's buggys.

    First try on the P 928 would have never worked.... i had to big venturis.... i think

    According diagrams i have found i would need dia 36... max 38 mm . I have 42 mm now ....
    It's a 4.7 l 8 cilinder ... so approx 590 cc / cilinder . Want power from 4000 ... to max 6000 revs.

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