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Thread: 4/27 Cobra get-together: cruise and drive-in

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    4/27 Cobra get-together: cruise and drive-in

    Save the date!

    Friday, 4/27/18
    "4/27 Cobra get-together"
    Morrow Mountain State Park Cruise and Badin Road Drive-In
    Albemarle, NC

    I'm still working out the details, so I need your input.

    I had hoped to plan a fairly organized, regional 'first annual 4/27 cobra bash' this year, but wasn't able to get any host drive-in commitments for a special cobra night before the winter season hit. But no worries.

    With two separate movie screens, close proximity to Albemarle restaurants / hotels and the Uwharrie Mountains / Morrow Mountain State Park nearby: Badin Road Drive-In offers a lot of promise for a good time nonetheless. In fact, it may end up better just doing a loosely-organized trial run this year anyway. I'm reaching out to other regional groups, and can plan group hotel accommodations & such if there's enough interest.

    As of right now, we'll tentatively:

    * Meet Friday morning (4/27/18) in Albemarle, having already grabbed breakfast along the way from our different locales.
    * Go for a drive around the Uwharrie Mountains area.
    * Head into Morrow Mountain State Park, stopping for a hike, canoeing, sight-seeing, etc.
    * Head back into Albemarle for an early dinner.
    * Drive to Badin Road Drive-In for a movie.

    What I need your input on:
    1. Will you likely stay overnight in Albemarle Thursday night? Friday night?
    2. What other suggestions do you have as to what you might like to do?
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    All right folks... hope to see some of you guys Friday.


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    Sounds great!

    I hope there is a large turn out and that the Weather Man is onside!


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    Sorry, I will driving straight through from Seattle to Prescott.

    Hope you have a great turnout and be sure to post a bunch of pictures for those of us that can't make it.

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    Was planning to get the car out for Cobra day and maybe catch up with some others, but forecast is for rain so may have to wait till 428.

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    Definitely praying for sun. Forecast for Friday around Albemarle has stayed pretty positive the past few days.

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    Lingering showers to the east kept the Raleigh crowd from attending, but the day ended up developing nicely around the Uwharries.

    We ended up spotted at breakfast by a local media personality:

    Then on to a fun tour of Sonny Beachum's car collection, where I found my next car:


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    Then on to some curvy roads, sight-seeing, and fellowship:


    And finally, a great dinner and eventually the drive-in:


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    Great photos! The first and the last ones are particularly great Cobra photos!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Yep, great pictures and thanks for sharing with us.

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