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Thread: Took the '23 to a show

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    Took the '23 to a show

    Went up to the Pete and Jake's event yesterday. A guy who owns a funeral home was interested in the idea of using the C Cab as flower car. Sounds like a great idea to me. Show me the $.
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    Very cool Kerry.

    Some quality Builds there.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Yeah, I agree with numb nuts above.

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    Great pics! Thanks for sharing Kerry!

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    Looks like a really nice show Kerry. Just where is that place at? Rich mentioned it but he and Ginny were going camping at Cricket for the week.


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    Pete and Jake's is in Peculiar Missouri. Jerry Slover bought the company from founders (Pete and Jake) decades ago and expanded it into a major source for pre-war hot rod suspension and chassis.

    The BOSS and I were invited to Jerry's house after the show. I got to park my butt in his 1968 original 427, 425 horse, four speed Biscayne. IIRC it is one of four know cars. It's got 16,125 miles bit doesn't look like it. You'd think it has less than a mile on it!

    Of course the big thing from the company's beginning is THE CALIFORNIA KID. Jerry has offered to let me drive it but with a estimated value in the millions I'm hesitant to do more than sit in it.
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    Simply put, WOW!
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