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Thread: Another Airplane Windshield Breaks

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    Another Airplane Windshield Breaks

    This was really something as the co-pilot was sucked half way out of the plane. It seems they are having a lot of glass problems in the airliners lately and it is all of them.


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    Actually Ron it's just piss poor reporting.

    On the second Southwest plane where they reported the passenger window cracked, it was only the inner plastic window that cracked, not the outer window.

    In this latest case it was the cockpit window that cracked. I'm not going to say it happens frequently, but it does happen. Usually they just crack and don't cause the plane to decompress. And I believe the part about the co-pilot being partially sucked out is and stretch of the truth. Both the pilot and co-pilot have to be securely strapped in with both lap and shoulder belts when they are in flight. The picture I seen showed the starboard front window covered. Based on that it would mean that the co-pilot would have to have been moved about 3 feet out of his seat to be sucked out the window. Also since it was a front window you had a wind of approximately 500MPH blowing through the window.

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    I had the same thoughts as Silver - they would have to be using elastic bands for seat harnesses.
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