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Thread: Hellcat Killer 153 Belair

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    Hellcat Killer 153 Belair

    This was sent to me by one of our members and I thought you may like to watch this old car run.

    SCT Dallas did not disappoint with the old school muscle this year! Not only did this 1953 Belair THROW DOWN, but it does so in sleeper status. Besides the intercooler out front, the old green color with the patina on top along with the old smoothie wheels, this car is very unsuspecting. It was a blast to watch this thing not only take down TWO Hellcats, but an R35 GTR as well! The cherry on top to this video was a race between the Belair and an old Hemi Cuda that just happened to be one of the closest races we have filmed! Cannot wait to see this car later this year!


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    Ha, ha - I think aerodynamics were getting him on the top end but I bet those Hellcat guys hated him. Even when he didn't beat them to the other end he crowded them so close to the 10.0 bracket that some broke out or almost did.

    Reminds me of a old car club buddy who is now gone - who would take his old mid-70s Chevy pickup with a turbo charged 350 in it to the 1/8 mile strip. He would run all the local 5.0 Mustang guys and beat them with a chicken cage in the bed and wearing old farmer overalls.
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    Great racing. Fun to watch.
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