Here is George's answer to my email.

My name is George, I?m 48 years old and live in Annapolis, MD. My wife and I have a three year old daughter.

I started riding a 1969 Honda Z50 when I was four ears old and was hooked on Motorsports back then. I?ve had sport bikes and Harley?s growing up and currently have a 2002 customized Harley Softail.

My Dad always repaired our cars and owe everything about car repair to my Dad.

He bought a 1967 Mustang GT Fastback with a 390, mated to a four speed top loader in 1985 and restored it. He signed it over to me a few years ago and we?re restoring it again.

Last year, I bought a B&B replica out of Georgia, sight unseen. I knew I wanted it because it has a 1965 427, side oiler mated to a four speed top loader.

I started replacing parts that I don?t like about the car. So far, I?ve installed FFR leather seats and a period correct Cobra shift lever.

I made new door panels, removed the stereo and speakers, and ordered a new dash, minus the glove box. I?m going to use the new dash as a mold and make a dash from aluminum. Going to order Stewart Warner gauges and wrap the dash in Naugahyde.

The windshield is plexiglass and has a nasty scratch from the wiper blade. I used a heat gun to get most of the scratch out and polished the remainder. A new windshield will be installed this winter.

I?m sure I?ll find more projects to do on the Cobra but that?s all I can handle for the time being.