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Thread: KMP259 At Run & Gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by nomad View Post
    I may be going out on a limb here, but it may well be the finest ENGINEERED Cobra out there.
    If not, it's at least the finest I've seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morris View Post

    Thanks for noticing the quality & safety we spent time on with KMP259....that comes from my racing days & rules..........and Indy is the Ultimate track.....we didn?t get on the track because I got up late and didn?t make the drivers fault....but my brother showed up in his Porsch GT-3RS and we played a bit at the noon session......& my SCCA Friends were there learning the track for the ?Run-Offs? last year.....

    I'd have been real pleased to have seen and heard your car out there lapping. Too bad it didn't happen.

    All we did in our Cobra was drive a few "Parade Laps" on the course. However, I did what a lot of the drivers did and held back at slow speed when approaching the final straight to widen the distance between my car and the car in front of me. I hit the straight in 2nd gear, laid into it and near red lined the engine in 3rd. My exhaust roar bouncing off the stadium seating was overwhelmingly loud. It stimulated me to go faster. Boy I was really pretending to be a race car driver. Each time I came around to that point I drove a bit more aggressively. I looked over at my wife on the last lap while on the brake, and she had both hands on her cheeks. I asked "What?" She said "You got me." Guess the noise wasn't as pleasant for her. That kind of surprised me as she's always enjoyed WOT before.

    It's probably good to mention that I've attended several driving schools and driven on 3 different road race courses prior to Indianapolis. My wife still says she thinks I'm the safest Cobra driver she has met!


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    Thanks for all of the kind words they are very much appreciated by a old ex-racer.........and Jay Nordstrom had the radar gun on KMP259 at the Start/Finish line at 160mph.....and it was as stable as any race car we ever drove......even my brothers McLaren couldn?t run as fast a time as KMP259.....

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    Jay is another friend that I miss a lot. We used to talk a lot about cars and what to do to them. KMP259 is in a class by itself and the work that you did to it is beyond belief.


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