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Thread: Tesla Race Car! The Electric GT P100DL

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    Tesla Race Car! The Electric GT P100DL

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    There has been a couple of those street cars that burned while being driven in traffic. I don't have anything against them except they are not reliable for long trips and they have to come up with an improved battery that doesn't overheat or run down in 200 miles of driving on level highways. Also they need charging stations and we have none here and the distance a battery lasts in these mountains is about 1/2 to 1/3rd of what they advertise. We have one electric Karman Gia here and he can get about 150 miles on level ground and not driving over 50 MPH. But if he starts up in the mountains that drops to about 55/60 miles before the battery drops to much to run the car.


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    Vroom, vroom.
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    F*ck that.

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    what that monkey said ^^^^

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