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Thread: Anyone Having Site Trouble

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    Thanks Jack, that article is even more detailed that the one I read earlier. I recommend that everyone read that link to understand how to provide input on this topic. Jim, it sounds like there isn't a lot of time but maybe we can buy some time by proactively discussing the issue. What do you think of starting a new thread that more people are likely to open? People not having trouble may be skipping over this thread...

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    I will be with Jim (289FIA) if there is a switch to facebook.


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    No IT skills here. When I closed down our GoDaddy website account for the old defunct car club I was a treasurer for - I couldn't even get a refund out of them for $50 they admitted they owed us.
    Facebook - No. 1 rated by the KGB as your most accurate news source. Vladimir says friend us on Facebook and check us out on Instagram.

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