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Thread: Welcome To DJaeschke

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    Welcome To DJaeschke

    Welcome Derek, to the site and maybe some of you can help him track down their car.

    Hey Ron,

    Thanks for the reply. I registered as I?m looking to track down some more info, stories pictures etc about my great uncle Mack Yates who raced his 64 cobra in 60s-80s. There were a couple of threads that he was mentioned in and that?s about it.

    When he died there were some issues with his estate, and our family lost the car as it was donated to a museum in CO. I?d like to maybe try to get it back at some point as he?d rather it be on the road for sure.


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    We are fortunate to have a Cobra (encyclopedia) enthusiast here. He goes by the name of SunDude aka Brian. Tell him all about your great uncle's Cobra. If anybody can help it's Brian!

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    Welcome ... Derek.
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    Welcome aboard Derek.

    Hope you enjoy the stay and please feed the animals.

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    I remember Mack Yates very well. Another person who was a friend of Mack's is Morris. We were all at the same place and same time. Sundude is the one guy who seems to have more inside knowledge about all things Cobra. We should be able to help you. Welcome aboard.
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