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Thread: Welcome PecosBill

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    Welcome PecosBill

    We have a new member that Jim sent me his email and I will post it here.

    On Aug 30th I purchased a 2016 GT 350 (Oxford white with blue racing strip just like the original). I got a "great deal" according to car gurus (4700 miles for $49,000). I spent this past summer reviewing my options; my decision was made when Rocky @ Redwood Ford in Ukiah, CA started up his 2018 Cobra in the showroom for me. I am so happy with my purchase (I ended up buying from Carmax)! Not only do I like the sound I like the power and grip (I understand the brakes are great, I just haven't had much need for the Brembo/hybrids, thankfully). My appreciation for the current Shelby variant has only grown as I come to understand what a truly unique car that I own: 1) One of a kind engine (biggest FPC, only US made FPC); 2) Exclusive to GT 350 models; 3) Legendary name. Sometimes during commercials I just go out to admire the car and count my blessings!


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    Welcome aboard PB. Hope you enjoy your time here.

    And whatever you do, do not open any packages that Nomad may send you.

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    Pecos Bill,

    Welcome ... please post photos of the magnificent sounding machine you have acquired.

    We are a pretty fun loving group of mostly human beings ... Silverback is a Great Ape in the truest sense of the name.

    From the Olde Goat Garage

    Building an FFR Mk 4 Roadster
    347 Stroker with EFI, SA T5, IRS
    Kit Arrived: 10/25/2012
    Build Started: 4/8/2013
    Rolling Chassis and Engine/Transmission Installation: 8/23/2015
    Go Kart: 3/26/2016

    Another deadline not met ... so it will just get done sometime soon

    Click this link to see my albums (

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    "Sometimes during commercials I just go out to admire the car and count my blessings"!

    I true car guy.

    I on the other hand drive such a mundane car now,

    that when I step outside to admire it,

    I beat a hasty retreat back indoors to watch commercials.


    "When I find the time, I'm going to sit down and write the social history of bourbon."

    "She had a deep, throaty, genuine laugh, like that sound a dog makes just before it throws up"

    My goal in life is to have a psychiatric disorder named after me.

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