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Thread: Welcome to Quack

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    Welcome to Quack

    Please welcome Quack (Harry Quackenboss). Here is what he sent me.


    Thank you. I believe I already clicked the verification link, but if not I know how.

    In case you care:

    In high school and college, Larry Caldwell, the son of Phillip Caldwell who later became chairman of Ford, was a good friend. You may have seen the attached photo, I carefully framed to capture the white walls, the dual quad individual air cleaners, and the automatic T-handle. Larry is the kid with his hand on the fender, my dad, then with GM Research Labs, is the tall guy. Between Larryís dad, my dad, and a couple of other friends with fathers at Ford or Chrysler, I got to ride in and drive some amazing cars. The red Cobra was one of the three most unusual ones.

    What prompted me to apply to join the registry was I saw a post from a Herb Adams VSE Cobra owner looking for Herb or his sonís contact info. I have both, and didnít want to post in public, but wanted to make the connection, doing so in a way that will give them the choice of whether to connect (I expect they will). I worked with Herb on the Trans-Am and NASCAR Pontiac effort as a suspension engineer, although I was not with GM.

    Happy New Year!


    Harry V. Quackenboss
    The one line never heard in Heaven "Gee! I wish I had spent a little more time in the office."

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    Welcome to the site Harry. You have a great history and have had access to some great cars. If you don't mind would you post some pictures including the one you describe in your answer to Jim? You could certainly give us some great history on what you have done if you care to post and share it.


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    Welcome aboard Harry! We would love to see some of your old pictures.

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    Are you the doctor that treated Nomad for his mental conditions? If so, the treatment did not work. I would suggest more electrical shock therapy. And be sure to turn up the juice this time.

    And welcome aboard. I agree with Ron, post up some pictures.

    I'm also sure that Tom will be glad to get any information you have regarding the Adams family. And no, I do not mean for that to be funny.

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