It seems that we are a very small minority of Cobra owners and at times we are left in the outfield when it comes to Cobra discussions in the Cobra Forums.

Some of the old posts dating back to 2009 at another forum, showed someone tried to obtain some kind of parts manual. Has anyone been lucky enough to obtain one so we can all benefit from it?

I have been putting together parts replacements only when it comes to my engine; a real 427 FE Side Oiler. We need to expand this list/manual, so if anyone purchased their car new and has a a manual and can share some info it will be really appreciated. If you want to send it to me I can reproduce for all as a PDF document.

We need to maintain a WCC network to brainstorm problems out.
I established an excellent relationship with the NY dealer of WCC; Perry Adams--- very helpfull.

If you still own a WCC and want to get this going send me a PM or respond to this appeal.