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Thread: 2017 Texas Cobra Club Sprimg meet!!

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    Okay, I have some comments regarding the track video.

    The driver did not do a very good job of following the line the instructor was setting. He was anywhere from 2 to 8 feet from hitting the apex on some corners and very seldom hit the apex correctly.

    Hand placement on the steering wheel was not the best.

    And what the hell was he talking about drifting on lap 3? I'm sometimes more aggressive than that on the street and I don't think he was anywhere near drifting.

    He may want to invest in a good high performance driving class or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron77 View Post

    It is to bad that you can't go to COTA for a day of driving. That track looks to be in good shape on TV.

    Ron, How I wish that could be arranged!!! Even if it was just for paride laps !!

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    Well that explains why I never saw the magic bus, there were a couple of yellow cars but none like yours. Maybe next year.


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    Mark, year....God willing!

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    Regestration for 2018 TCC open. This will be 20 yr. anniversary...also new web site for TCC.

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