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Thread: Cobra gift ideas for Christmas...?

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    Cobra gift ideas for Christmas...?

    Do you guys have any great Cobra gift ideas for Christmas?

    This 2017 calendar from The Cobra Experience museum seems pretty cool. I ordered one the other day and am just waiting for the mailman to deliver it.

    Buy it here:
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    I wonder if they have one in a U.S. version! (*%

    Here are couple of vendors from the Factory Five world to consider ...
    From the Olde Goat Garage

    Building an FFR Mk 4 Roadster
    347 Stroker with EFI, SA T5, IRS
    Kit Arrived: 10/25/2012
    Build Started: 4/8/2013
    Rolling Chassis and Engine/Transmission Installation: 8/23/2015
    Go Kart: 3/26/2016

    Another deadline not met ... so it will just get done sometime soon

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